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A New Beacon of Light in the Diocese of Dallas, TX!


Artist Rendition of St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parish - Plano, TX

Dedication Service scheduled for Wednesday, 29/November/2023 @ 6:00pm CST


A personal song selection to commemorate this great occasion

Thank you for visiting the website of

If you're ever in the area, please come by to check out this absolutely beautiful, modern day, thoughtfully built and dedicated church to our Father God above, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God, and Mother Mary, our "Spiritual Mother", through whom the Bible states "all future generations will be blessed."  In addition, we also honor the memory of the church's namesake patron, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

And, no, you certainly do not have to be "Catholic" to come check it out!  Did you know that if you haven't been "received" into the Catholic church - fancy way of saying gone though some "RCIA" classes and "survived" like I did (I was a hard one to convince by the way) - you can still go up the front (or back in this cool church) and ask for a blessing by simply holding up your arms like this instead of receiving the sacred eucharist (or "communion" for many folks)?


How cool is that?  So instead of having to "step to the side" of the aisle while letting others go up to the front to receive "communion" (which always made me feel a bit uncomfortable), you can just go up like everyone else, but instead of holding out your hands in front of you to receive the eucharist - again, that's where those classes I was talking about earlier come into play to later be "received" into the church at the next Easter vigil - just do like the guy in the picture above is doing!

And, once I finally found out I could do that, while I myself wasn't Catholic at the time, it did at least make me feel more "accepted" in a way.  It turned something awkward into something, well, kinda "fun" actually, as well as something that later became a deeply spiritual experience for me, almost like it "left me searching for more."

But, of course, each person's experience is different...each person's experience is "their own"...and, oddly enough, I discovered that no one ever pushed me or tried to persuade me one way or the other.  I was completely free to make my own decisions about the way I would follow, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a huge community of believers - both saints here on Earth as well as saints in Heaven I believe - there to support me at all stages.

Thank you for visiting my little page here on the web, and may God bless you and yours, especially during this holiday season.  But even more than that, may God bless those who may be without clean drinking water, or those with insufficient food to serve their families, and the homeless, and those in need of medical or mental health services in their lives.

And also to anyone out there who may be in mourning due to the loss of a loved one, or is hospitalized with a debilitating disease or disorder.  "Mourning Mother"...this is for you.  Mourning fathers, mourning offspring, mourning family and friends.

Until next time, please remember God loves you...and He wants the best for you, even in those times when it seems things are their darkest.

Until next time, Take Care and God Bless!  YBIC - Stephen Losh (Parishioner, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Plano, TX)

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit we pray, Amen!